DaBaby Denies Cheating Claims, But Says Another Woman Is Having His Child

DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby.

It was just last week that the "BOP" rapper and the mother of daughter, MeMe, were hashtag couple goals after the two shared photos and videos from their love-filled family weekend in Miami. However, on Tuesday (February 12), MeMe shocked the Internet, revealing that DaBaby is having a baby with another woman.

MeMe shared the information by posting DaBaby's texts with the unidentified woman — that show him trying to meet up with her after she said she didn't "feel good — to social media. MeMe additionally shared a video of her and DaBaby arguing, where she can be heard accusing him of "policing" her, but it's uncertain what she meant by that. “Your Favorite Rapper Is The Number 1 Capper,” MeMe wrote on her Instagram Story. “Don’t Believe Half Of What Social Media Is Showing You.”

DaBaby later responded to MeMe's claims in an eight-minute video saying his first priority was his daughter so he refused to "feed negative attention" out of respect for her. “As a parent, I would never want to set that example for my child,” he said. “I would never want my child to ever be able to look back and see that. I would never even invite y’all into my child’s world.”

MeMe then took to Instagram Stories where she appeared to accuse DaBaby of trying to "disable" her and wanting to "control and take advantage of women."

The back-and-forth continued into the night as DaBaby responded MeMe's latest post on Instagram Story, where he finally addressed cheating claims.

While he admitted that he is having another child with another woman, DaBaby said he did not cheat on MeMe as he claimed they were not in a relationship when his new child was conceived. "When my new-coming blessing was conceived, me and shawty was not together, shawty was not with me, living with me, was not fucking with me in any way, shape, or form," he said.

Photo: Getty Images

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