Brian's Pilot Script First Draft

I love doing Radio... and I would love to do it until I retire from the joke factory one day... but I have always wanted to be a writer. I actually have 3 different scripts that I have been working on for a long time, one for more than 10 years, that are in various stages of completion. I'm convinced that the one I started 10 years ago would have been a great movie for sure... unfortunately, it might be too late for that one. I have another that I think is really good... very funny, great concept, just not done... That one I do plan on finishing at some point. And then there is H.O.A. It started as a full movie script that was sparked by some of the interactions we had with neighbors when we moved into our first house. I got even more content when we sold that house and moved to our next house, so I started writing. I had the full outline done, and started to fill in the story to build the characters to get to the ending. With streaming taking off, I decided to rework my movie script into episodes, perfect for all of the new services that are always looking for content. I still have the full script, but now it's broken into 10 episodes, starting with the Pilot.

While I was cleaning up my desk in my home studio, I came across an envelope with the first draft of the Pilot script. Only 3 people have read this... I am really shy about people reading my work. Radio is different. It's all live, very fluid, and I am best when I am throwing around quick jokes and responses. If something doesn't land, it's gone in less than a second, and we are on to the next one. Writing isn't that way. I have read this so many times that I start to wonder if it's funny!

Against my better judgement, I figured I'd share and let you guys read the first act of the first draft of my Pilot for H.O.A.! It's pretty close to the final copy, minus a few typos and formatting tweaks. Hope you guys like it... and if anyone has and Uncle or Aunt in "the biz" feel free to send them my way... It's registered with the Writers Guild and ready to shoot next week!

*If you haven't read anything in script form, the stuff in ALL CAPS sets the scene, introduces characters, and gives basic direction... and it helps to try to read it as you would see it play out on TV... I always think about a specific actor in that part as a write... but obviously, the part could be anyone.

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