Podcast Listeners Find Secrets Of The Universe In The Metaverse

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Over the weekend the metaverse collided with the real world as physicist Daniel Whiteson and cartoonist Jorge Cham came online to bring a special episode of their podcast to iHeartLand in Roblox and Fortnite.

“We like to talk about planets and galaxies,” said Jorge. “But we never thought we'd get to do it from another world!”

Players on both platforms were able to visit State Farm Park, iHeartLand’s virtual venue, and see the pair discuss blackholes, comets, and galactic collisions. Fans of Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe are familiar with the types of topics covered by the hosts, but for new and future listeners, the podcast covers complex questions that would usually send you down a Wikipedia rabbit hole for hours on end.

“Now, on our podcast, Jorge and I typically talk about some of the biggest, most amazing unanswered questions in the universe,” said Daniel. “And today, we have some really fun stories about the biggest collisions in the universe. Planets colliding with other planets, stars colliding with other stars, even galaxies hitting other galaxies.”

On Fortnite players were treated to an interactive quiz throughout the show. The hosts would ask a question and you had to answer by jumping onto one of four squares marked A, B, C, or D. Answer all of the questions correctly and you win iHeartLand gold! Answer incorrectly and get launched into the upper atmosphere (which was a lot of fun, and we might have answered incorrectly a few times just for the thrill.)

Roblox players scoured every inch of iHeartLand, State Farm Park, and the Intel® House of Wonder in a scavenger hunt of planetary proportions. Rewards were given to those who found all nine planets scattered throughout the world!

screen grab of video game

Photo: iHeartMedia

Back in Fortnite, the sky over State Farm Park was full of comets and explosions as the space around the virtual world reacted to the hosts discussion. Players were also able to explore and play iHeartLand while still listening to the podcast, thanks to the TV screens spread throughout the platform.

Players on Roblox in the meantime, had the opportunity to purchase an exclusive space helmet that was only available during the event. Were you able to get it? Did you learn something along the way?

If you missed out, no worries. We host exclusive podcast events on both Fortnite and Roblox regularly, be sure to follow iHeartPodcasts on all of our social media accounts to find out when the next one is live!

Also, depending on when you read this, there might still be time to hop online and check out the Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe episode before it ends on Tuesday, November 22. A huge thank you to our partners State Farm and Intel® for helping bring iHeartLand to life!

Listen to Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe to hear them answer more of the simple, but profound questions that humanity has been pondering for thousands of years. The hosts have a knack for explaining science in a fun, shorts-wearing, and jargon-free way. Find them on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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