St. Jude: The ABC's of Cancer Brought To You By Lindsey's Furniture

Three ways to donate!

1. Call the Mr. Rooter Plumbing Phone Bank at 1-800-592-3509 and pledge $19 per month and become a Partner In Hope today. For your donation, receive a "LOVE MUSIC STOP CANCER" tee. More importantly, you'll help us in our mission to end childhood cancer.

2.Click here to donate at the Chelco, West Florida Electric, Gulf Coast Electric secure online donation center.

3. Or Text WPAP to 626262 and receive a link to donate from your smartphone.

Every Partner in Hope will also receive a #ThisShirtSavesLives shirt, so you can tell the world you are helping battle childhood cancer.

One Partner in Hope provides a St. Jude family a meal card for a week

Two Partners in Hope provides one platelet transfusion for a patient

Three Partners in Hope provides five days of oxygen for a patient

Six Partners in Hope provides a day of chemotherapy for a patient

Fourteen Partners in Hope helps St. Jude host the Annual Team Prom

Thanks to Lindsey's Furniture for sponsoring the ABC's of Cancer. We're highlighting the ABC's during the Radiothon, and right here.

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